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EMPTECH Launches MLP DESK series for Card & Passport Issuance

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Desktop Personalization Systems, the MLP DESK, the serial products include MLP DeskCard and MLP DeskBook.

MLP DESK offers the possibility of delivering high-quality card and passport personalization. The compact system has superior industrial performance, it is designed for centralized and decentralized issuance.

MLP DESK allows the customer to configure the system according to their needs because of its modular design.

Using EMPTECH Multi-Layer Personalization (“MLP”) Technology, MLP DESK optimizes the security during personalization, increases extensibility and lowers running cost while delivering best-in-class personalized card and passport with True Color.

"Along with the increasing market demand of compact personalization system for Card and Passport issuance, we are excited to bring our latest innovation to the market, the appearance of MLP DESK actively responds to the demand,  the small footprint serial products remain robust industrial-grade mechanism as well as provide exceptional printing performance benefitting from our exclusive MLP technology, which drastically reduces the running cost while improving security, reliability and durability of security documents.“ said by Tang Xiaohong, General Manager, Product Management.

Key Features of MLP DESK:

High-security Exclusive MLP Printing Technology

State-of-the-art Laser Engraving and DoD Ink-jet Printing technologies are combined to enhance anti-counterfeiting of PC-based security documents. Besides of that, the customizable variable optical anti-counterfeiting elements and tactile transparent protection layer achieves Unique on each layer, thus to take Quality, Durability and Reliability of security documents to another high level.

Vivid and Bright Color, High Resolution and Proven Printing Quality

Up to 1200 dpi high resolution DoD Ink-jet printing brings vivid and bright color to laser-sharp engraved grey level image, delivering superior color rendering and printing quality which is proven by professional institutions. Besides, it is capable for Edge-to-Edge Printing. At least 600 dpi resolution laser engraving supports Multiple Laser Image (MLI) / Changeable Laser Image (CLI)  laser engraved.

Industrial-grade Hardware

Robust industrial-grade hardware to achieve outstanding performance same as high-volume industrial issuance system.

Modular and Compact Design

Modular design provides full flexibility for system configuration. Customers can build their own system by upgrade or remove modules according to actual need, it is available to choose DoD Ink-jet system, Laser System or Combined system, which greatly enhance its applicability.

Compact design enables the system easy to install and maintain while saving space, which is easily suited to different environments.

Cost-effective Printing Consumables

Compared to the Thermal transfer printing and other traditional printing technology, DoD Ink-jet printing greatly reduces the cost of printing consumable, providing an economical system to customer while having better performance.

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